Yeah! The blog has started. I am thankful to the whole GIVIT team in advance for their contribution over the next few months.

The first blog I want to write about “What is an Essential Item?”..


I often go over the list of What’s Needed and scan it for items that are requested by charities that are not essential items for their clients. One day I saw a boxing bag. I asked Megan our (at that time) Western Australian Manager (and wonderful volunteer) if they could please take it off the list as I am sure that punching bags are just a desired object for mothers and not essential – unlike essential items like a washing machine or bed linen. Megan, ever so nicely said no, as she really trusted this charity and they do brilliant things in their community – so we left it on the list.

Good News! It got donated!! Some incredibly generous person in Perth gave their equipment, and after two weeks of receiving the bag, the mother was revisiting the to the charity and they forwarded a message to us..

“Since the mother had received the boxing bag, her kids are using it, and they have not hit her once”.

So I have no judgement about the list anymore. Charities know what people need, not me!

I have so many many examples about how simple daily items make a huge difference.. And note they might not seem essential.