As I said in our last post that QEPT is our rule at GIVIT. Quality, Easy, Private and Timely donations.   It is what makes GIVIT unique, and safe.

But, the Privacy aspect is the hardest to manage.

We ask our charities to adhere to the Privacy Act created in 1988.  It ensures that people have privacy and legally can be sure that their details are safe. If a charity ever asks you to drop an item off at their clients house – it is illegal – and totally against our rules of participation.  Please let us know.  The best way to explain how important this is to tell you the exact story someone first told me..

“If you donate a fridge, and deliver it to a person’s house – you are sincerely being so generous. You have hired a trailer and take it up a flight of stairs with your friend.  When you get there a grown man is watching a plasma TV and growls at you to take the old fridge while your’e there!”  What they don’t know is that is has Schizophrenia and his mother gave him a TV before she abandoned him, and he has very little social skills, but might call you if the fridge has a problem!  Not good. The social worker has broken all types of laws, including the common sense law that social workers are trained to work with their clients – we are not!

We have banned some charities for breaking the rules, but only for a limited time.  We can only hear about this occurring from our donors, so let us know.  The last charity got busted because the person who was donating was my mother!



The management of donations is so truly rewarding for us at GIVIT.  As we grow nationally we are taking it more seriously, (although we seriously have fun), and we realise our goal is to make sure all donations are QEPT!  Quality, Easy, Private and Timely.  It is soo important to us that the recipient has quality items, as soon as possible, and their privacy is maintained. (I will talk about that next time!)

The easiest way for us to make sure charities get quality items is to ask the community to take photos of their donations.  This ensured people get exactly what they need, when they need it most!


See this wonderful donation that a family listed, and placed in our virtual warehouse.  The charities can see exactly what it is, and the impoverished people (if they are sitting beside the social worker at the time) know exactly what they are getting.  So beautiful to see such care given at this primary stage of the giving process!  Oh, this excited everyone at GIVIT.  It really is the simple things isn’t it!