With end of year Christmas parties starting at school, at work & in the neighbourhood, many of us try not to indulge in too much Christmas cheer.

Yet for many families there’s not enough food at this time of year & cupboards are bare. We are receiving requests from many organisations so they can prepare food hampers for struggling families & and individuals. 

Non-perishable items such as the following are required to put together hampers to spread a bit of cheer:

  • tinned or packet soup
  • baked beans
  • breakfast cereal
  • tins of fruit
  • plum puddings
  • tinned tuna and salmon
  • condensed milk or custard
  • biscuits
  • savouries

Why not check the What’s Needed list to see what you can do in your area?  

Have a great week!

We love hearing from caseworkers who tell us how our donors make the world of difference!  This is an email we received from Gympie which made all of our volunteers feel wonderful:

“We are writing to thank the hard working people at GIVIT and everyone who has donated to GIVIT. We want to tell them what a difference their generosity has made to the young people at our centre. Thanks to the GIVIT donations we have been able to:

  • engage young people in manual arts thanks to the donated sander, power saw,drill and jigsaw. They are learning how to make a range of practical items such as clocks, repairing bikes and vertical garden frames.
  • ensure our young people have lots of fun thanks to the various donated balls and helmets. It is wonderful to see them engaging in team sports such as soccer, handball and skateboarding.
  • provide recreational courses thanks to the donated fishing rods, reels and fishing gear.
  • equip our canteen, clothe our young people as well as providing reading material, games and craft.

These donations have contributed to making the lives of many young people happier and we thank you so much for your support.”

Continuing on from last week’s blog, one of the main topics for discussion within the GIVIT office is “will our donors be happy with this request?”

GIVIT is all about “needs” rather than “wants”, but sometimes we are given a really compelling story which prompts us to be a little flexible with our requests.  However, we always think about how it may be perceived by our wonderful donors.

Each and every request that you see on our What’s Needed list has been vetted and approved by a GIVIT manager, often with great discussion amongst the team as to its suitability.

We do have a Prohibited Items list, meaning that the charities may not request these items.

The following are the types of items that have restrictions without exceptions and must not be requested by charities.  We also do not accept any of these items if they are pledged by donors into our Virtual Warehouse:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Bills and debts
  • Cigarettes or tobacco
  • Digital downloads
  • Drugs of any kind (including prescribed or over the counter), drug-like substances and drug paraphernalia
  • Gift cards or vouchers that can be exchanged solely for one or more other items on the Prohibited List
  • Government documents
  • Hazardous or restricted items
  • Human parts
  • Illicit, inappropriate or pornographic material (in books, videos etc)
  • Lost or stolen property
  • Any electrical equipment with removed serial numbers and/ or without a manual (unless with GIVIT’s express written consent)
  • Lottery tickets
  • Medical devices and equipment (unless with GIVIT’s express written consent)
  • Real-estate
  • Baby/ Child furniture and equipment that does not fit with current Australian Standards.
  • Recalled items
  • Motor Vehicles and Caravans, or any item requiring exchange of Registration

Our aim is to always keep the What’s Needed list focussed on “I need” items rather than “I want” items.