Brisbane City Council runs the Homeless Connect event twice a year & the next one is on 28 May 2014.

This allows people who are experiencing homelessness to access some of the goods & services they need, in one location.

Many people attend this event which is a day of positive action & GIVIT donors can help it succeed by donating much-needed personal items for women, men, youth, children & babies:

  • Baby items – disposable nappies (all sizes), formula (within 3 months of use by date) & toiletries – baby wash, baby lotion, nappy rash cream, soft baby brushes, baby powder, toothbrushes & toothpaste
  • Bath Towels & Face Washers
  • Blankets & Sleeping Bags
  • Bottled water (600ml)
  • Can openers & cutlery
  • Cleaning products
  • Non-perishable foods – canned goods (preferably with flip top), snack food, juice (long life items only)
  • Personal Toiletries – male & female – body wash, brushes, combs, conditioner, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste & wipes
  • Shoes – baby, children & youth – all sizes (new or gently used)
  • Sunscreen/Insect repellent
  • Underwear – men, women & children – all sizes – must be NEW

Donations can be dropped off at any Brisbane City Council Ward Office or Library. For locations please go to the following website

Thank you.

According to a new report commissioned by Optus Rockcorps, Gen Y (born between 1980 & 1990) spend 16 million hours volunteering every month. This is valued in commercial terms at $260 million per month, which we think is pretty amazing!

We are lucky enough to have the lovely Philippa volunteer her time at GIVIT. Philippa is 22 & a full-time student, but still finds time to volunteer each week & is our first point of contact whenever we are contacted via our website.

Volunteering Queensland has put together a fantastic resource about Intergenerational Volunteering.

This is what it said about Gen Y volunteers:

Value = Innovation & change.

Views on Authority = Authority is irrelevant. Question frequently, WHY? Demonstrate respect after they are treated with respect. Demand accountability.

Autonomy = Demand choice; & ability to mix a range of choices. However, keen to seek insight from those they see as respected.

Organisation preference = Open to joining lesser known organisations, & ask why they should support any organisation. Interested in joining communities they can relate to & be creative & expressive. Want convenience & speedy process.

Identity = Questioning but fun-loving; value experiences & variety. Thrive on change, need for visibility & making a personal mark.

Sense of obligation = Concern for communities that they identify with (physical & virtual). Still young enough to not feel a strong sense of obligation.

Technology = Live with & through technology. Use it to expand personal experiences. Rely on the immediacy of technology & 24/7 access to information. Confident to take initiative & explore technology.

View of others = Respect Boomers (born 1946-1964), providing they live up to expectations.

Time = Live in the moment. Expect speed & fast turnarounds. Live in the 24/7 world of multi-tasking & get impatient if things take too long.

Work = Work in fits & starts; & have no loyalty. Tend to ask why would I want to be loyal? Demand clear expectations to ensure productivity. Have several career changes.

Family = Grown children returning home between experiences; family structures changeable. Often benefited from more time with their parents than their Gen X siblings & as such close parental ties exist.

Learning = Respond well to learning environments which combine personal challenge, teamwork, technology & visually appealing materials. Appreciate group work & interaction.