I am working on a really exciting project with Anglicare in 2015 and we are renovating a whole women’s shelter!

Anglicare is a not-for-profit committed to social and community welfare issues, focusing on disadvantaged members of our community. It is really exciting to be working with Anglicare and Australian interior designer Virginia Bishop from Virginia Bishop Interiors on this project.

We’ve brought on the super-stylish Virgina, who has more than 25 years of local and international experience, to help us make sure the rooms are safe, appropriate and that people participating in the renovations properly understand the brief!

I was speaking to Virgina earlier this week about the quality of items that might get donated for this renovation and I was explaining how, at home, I have an heirloom that I would love to donate. My whole family tells me the heirloom is an incredibly wonderful silky oak cupboard. But really, it is broken, with missing parts and I couldn’t possibly donate it to someone in need! (Nanna – I promise I won’t – relax!)

Virginia mentioned that at different times, we all have a bit of Sentimental Blindness. I think it is true. My bed is perfect and cosy, yet I couldn’t donate it as it is well used (and worn in enough to mould to me), and my divine yellow kettle that I no longer use would be a bad gift for someone who really needed one!

So it got me thinking, what are you sentimentally blind about?

I always say “if you would give it to your mother or sibling it is good enough to give”… but is that right? Your family might be sentimentally blinded by it too!