…I think one in six kids are living in poverty in Australia. More than 605,000 children do not have the items they need to get through the day or week. Their mum can’t afford the bus ticket to the doctors or the tests to see what is wrong, the child doesn’t have an appropriate school lunch or shoes and certainly no sport or musical equipment to enrich their lives… just devastating.

I believe many, many authorities are not taking into account the increased cost of living and how that is devastating our next generation. I also think most (5 in 6) children are generally unaware many others their age may not have everything they need. GIVIT Kids website addresses these two issues… kids need items, and other kids have too many!

Here at GIVIT, we just had a wonderfully kind person donate 15 care packs to at-risk or homeless children. There are four types of packs including a pack for babies, young children, teenagers and a delightful birthday box – because some kids cannot afford to have birthdays! You should have seen the joyful emails the team shared when the donor gave us money to buy 15 boxes! JOY TO THE WORLD!!!! We were very, very, very happy to say the least.

If you want to really brighten someone’s day, buy GIVIT KIDS Care Pack for a child. We are also about to launch gift cards you can send out to friends if you want to give them something hearty. I’m sorry to be melancholy but how so very sad is it that some kids really don’t have anything under the tree? So depressing. I hope we can all do our part to help change that.

Please, if you can, purchase a care pack:

Most items requested through GIVIT are for essential personal or household items. However we recently received a big request… for a shipping container!

The container would allow a young mother to run their small family business from home while caring for her husband, who following an accident has acquired severe brain injuries, as well as raising their three-year-old son on very limited financial support.

A huge thank you to two wonderful, regular donors who gave an incredible $2,500. However the notion that you don’t have to give big to make a difference is so true. We would not have been able to achieve this without all your generous donations – $20, $50, $100 – every dollar helps.

“The extraordinary generosity of spirit shown by your wonderful donors shows this little family that there is a whole community out there that not only cares about them and their situation, but will do something about it. There is something very special about that.”

It goes to show with the right spirit the GIVIT community can do ANYTHING!

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Have a great week,
The GIVIT Team

At GIVIT we have thoroughly contemplated the items on our Prohibited List (although most are pretty obvious!). One of our goals is to ensure the Urgently Needed list is not full of ‘gritty’ difficult items people struggle to donate – how would you feel if the whole list was full of items too challenging to even contemplate giving such as double glazed windows of a specific size (asked for in flood recovery)?

One easy solution for these are supermarket and hardware gift cards, but they have their own challenges. These days you can buy alcohol and tobacco with most gift cards, which aren’t necessarily a ‘need’. Also, wouldn’t the list look very impersonal if it was only full of gift card requests?

Here at GIVIT, we’ve had a long history with this issue. Gift cards used to be allowed, but three years ago the list was flooded with gift card requests and we decided we had to ensure people were not using them to buy alcohol or cigarettes. The problem is, we can’t ensure donors and charities know there are different types of cards, and that many of the ‘essential only’ cards are only available online. So after many hearty discussions at GIVIT HQ, we decided to remove them completely. Well, hmm, not really…

In disaster recovery, we love giving gift cards as they allow people who have lost everything to replace simple items in a convenient way, such as selecting their own pillows and choosing shoes to fit. They are also a fantastic way to put money back into the local economy. Just recently a lady lost her husband and then her house, and needed to build a fence at the new accommodation for her children to play in. Through GIVIT, she received $250 worth of Bunnings vouchers to build the fence. Also, festive times such as Christmas are wonderful for gift cards as we can give them straight to a charity to use for purchasing specific presents.

Recently, we introduced gift card giving through GIVIT Kids. Children can now give iTunes vouchers to at-risk teenagers, as the gift of music is beautifully soothing.

…so it seems we are changing the rule on a case by case basis!!

Currently, on our Prohibited List are any gift cards that can be exchanged solely for another item on the list (such as alcohol or tobacco). But as mentioned, gift cards can be extremely useful too. We need your help: should we do a total ban, partial ban or unblock the policy at certain times (Christmas, emergencies, natural disasters)? Maybe charities can only request gift cards five times a year… but if you say gift cards are allowed, the list WILL be flooded with requests!

I’d love your view please!