Australians wanting to assist communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Marcia by donating goods are being urged to register their offers and see what is urgently needed at

In partnership with the Queensland government, Australian charity GIVIT is managing all offers of donated goods and services during this severe weather event.

GIVIT Founder and CEO, Juliette Wright (recently awarded Australia’s Local Hero 2015 by the Australia Day Council), said GIVIT’s website gives generous Australians an easy, quick and effective way of donating directly to those in need without overwhelming charities on the ground.

“GIVIT’s role is to support local charities, community groups and councils in the affected regions by helping them obtain exactly what they need to support those affected,” Ms Wright said.

“We are working with front line services to identify their exact needs and will be listing them at in the coming days and weeks. This will be a long recovery process and GIVIT will be working with these services long-term to help residents rebuild their lives.”

In the meantime, Australians are being urged to pledge their offers of donations on GIVIT’s website.

“We know from past events Australians are incredibly generous and will want to help those who have been devastated by this cyclone,” Ms Wrigth said. “GIVIT channels this generosity and lets people know exactly what is required so front line services aren’t inundated by donations they don’t need.

“The online platform removes the need to physically collect, sort and store donations, significantly reducing the administrative and financial burden for councils and charities as well saving valuable resources for critical recovery activities. Once registered on GIVIT, the donated item remains with the donor until it is required.

“We also ensure items donated are of a high quality. It is about giving exactly what is needed while respecting the dignity of the recipient by only giving quality donations.”

In addition to donated goods, people can give money via the GIVIT website of which 100% is used to purchase essential items from local businesses. GIVIT always, wherever possible, purchases items from local providers to support the local economy as it also recovers.

Ms Wright said GIVIT has a proven record of being easy to use, efficient and most importantly effective following severe weather events.

“GIVIT’s online platform has facilitated almost 130,000 donations and supports more than 1000 of Australia’s most trusted charities to ensure they have the exact items their clients need to recover.

“During the 2011 Queensland floods, the GIVIT website received 1.8 million hits in 10 days and more than 33,500 goods were matched in three weeks.

“This led to the establishment of a dedicated GIVIT Disaster Recovery Service activated during the 2013 Bundaberg floods, Cyclone Ita and most recently the Brisbane Superstorm.”

To pledge your donation or offer of assistance or if you are a local charity or front line service wanting to access donated goods and services, register for free at

For further information or interviews please contact Kayla Brereton, GIVIT Media and Communications on