With events currently in Longreach raising vital awareness and support for families impacted by drought, more support is coming in for other regions.

Schools providing much-needed relief to drought-stricken families in Queensland’s west have been boosted with Westpac pledging thousands of dollars to support their efforts.

Through GIVIT, Westpac consulted with Western Queensland community groups and will inject $10,000 into local schools to assist students.

Westpac State General Manager Queensland, Greg Crocombe, said the team is providing funding to local schools to help meet the immediate needs of students through essential items.

“We are proud to be able to provide the funding for schools in the local region as we know the youth are the future. They need access to essential items to support education and learning and we hope this small contribution helps in doing just that,” Mr Crocombe said.

“Each of the following schools will receive a donation: Alpha State School, Amarac State School, Barcaldine State School, Bedourie State School, Birdsville State School, Blackall State School, Boulia State School, Ilfracombe State School, Isisford State School, Jericho State School, Jundah State School, Longreach State School, Muttaburra State School, Our Lady’s Catholic School Longreach, Stonehenge State School, St Joseph’s Catholic School (Barcaldine and Blackall), St Patrick’s School Winton, Windorah State School and Winton State School.”

Westpac also supported a City to Bush trip to Longreach, where 100 people boarded a private plane and flew into town for a weekend of tourism, culture and direct injection in the local economy.

City to Bush Organiser, Shea Morrison, said those on the trip stayed and spent locally.

“We have 100 corporates, community leaders and racing enthusiasts who flew into Longreach for the 125th racing anniversary and music concert. They stayed in local hotels, took day-trips into town, purchased gifts, attended the races and actively supported those impacted by drought.

“We hoped to inject up to $40,000 in the local economy over the weekend,” Mrs Morrison said.

To support those impacted by drought and pledge your donation please visit www.givit.org.au.

For images, interviews or further information please contact Kayla Brereton, GIVIT Media and Communications on 0414 236 202 or email kayla@givit.org.au

Poverty is a disease. It’s genetic. It spreads. If neglected, it needs major treatment. Yet simple attention can be so effective.

I try and broaden my goals every now and again by not only thinking about those living in poverty, but about those doing it tough in all kinds of situations – including when it’s not about financial vulnerability. I work with and listen to how my local clubs are coping, how those in hospital are journeying, and those facing aged care issues. We all have great causes, we all have lovely clients but I think Nelson Mandela put it right for me…. and my cause.

“Poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom,” Nelson Mandela.

After winning Australia’s Local Hero 2015 at the Australian of the Year Awards, I quickly learnt to appreciate and love the greatness and bravery of Rosie Batty (Australian of the Year 2015) and her determination on her cause. I love her. I love her cause. I love her goal: reduce domestic violence. Bang!

I love every single centimetre and inch which brings her closer to her goal, and yet I’m hanging on the line for any news about mine: that our most impoverished are treasured by society once more.

Poverty is a disease. It’s genetic, it’s spreads. If neglected it needs major treatment. Simple attention can be so affective: a hug, a warm blanket or a donated item can truly lift someone’s spirits and help make tomorrow easier.

We all have challenges on many fronts. But on the poverty front, GIVIT is an army. An awesome army directly alleviating the effects of poverty. No we won’t sit quiet. We care. Poverty is growing but **** it, simple things are beating this disease.

Join our army, help me fight this disease: www.givit.org.au/join-givit