Australian charities, not-for-profits and community groups assisting our most vulnerable will receive more support through a new app providing immediate access to donations.

The innovative app, launched by Australia’s Local Hero 2015 and Founder of Australian charity GIVIT, Juliette Wright, will give all people working directly with impoverished, marginalised and vulnerable individuals the ability to immediately meet their urgent material needs.

“We are very proud to launch the GIVIT Charity App on January 29, 2016 and are incredibly grateful for the support of the Australian Government who provided the app through the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership,” Ms Wright said.

“Our aim is to make it easier for charities to empower their clients and improve quality of life by obtaining the items they require, digitally and at no cost.

“The app is an innovative solution to ensuring this by empowering social workers to match their client’s urgent needs to generous public donations – all from the palm of their hand, and in any location.

“Through the app, social workers can sit down with their client and access GIVIT’s Virtual Warehouse to view a full list of donated, available items in their area. They can also request specific items, which members of the public are encouraged to donate.”

In partnership with the Queensland Government, GIVIT manages all offers of donated goods and services during the recovery phase of a disaster.

“The App will be especially important following natural disasters where access to computers may not be possible. During this crucial time, we expect many local government authorities, councils and front-line workers to use the app for immediate relief,” Ms Wright said.

Australian charities and not-for-profits are encouraged to download the free GIVIT Charity App via iTunes and Google play stores. Charities can register to use GIVIT’s free service via

In recognition of her work to support the efforts of charities across Australia, Ms Wright was named Australia’s Local Hero 2015 at the Australian of the Year Awards.

A year later, her determination continues with the launch of the GIVIT Charity App and a new-look GIVIT website designed to better ease the donation process and encourage generosity.

“We worked closely with the Commonwealth Bank to test and improve the User Experience on our website,” Ms Wright said.

“We discovered there are three major steps throughout the donor journey: Connecting, Communicating and Acting. Our new website aims to direct and engage donors during these steps to help ease the giving process and ultimately encourage donations.

“I am determined to ensure GIVIT remains a technologically advanced, innovative solution to managing donated goods, in and out of disaster periods.”

One thought on “GIVIT launches charity app to help fight poverty

  1. As a Family Counsellor and front line worker working with a homeless service. I find the mobile App most. useful. it has great potential to help clients on the spot. I use my IPhone and I cannot seem to find just Qld donations tab. The items on the virtual warehouse are from all over Australia. Maybe I am missing something. Could you let me know?

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