Growing up is hard to do, especially in a community which faces ongoing hardship.

After years of drought chipping away at the resilience of Western Queensland families, one community is working to boost the self-confidence of its teenagers.

Locals are holding workshops to teach the young women how to feel good about themselves, present well to others, build self-esteem and gain important skills to secure their first job.

The community wants to give them items to take home to help implement their new skills and maintain confidence.

Through GIVIT’s Drought Relief Appeal, more than $4,100.00 has been donated by generous GIVIT givers for these women!

All money will be spent locally to purchase items including new shoes, cosmetics, personal care items or an outfit from a local store.

If you’d like to support GIVIT’s Drought Relief please give here and select ‘Drought Relief’.

Thank you so much for your generosity!