Living with the despair of ongoing drought can take years to overcome, and even when the grass turns green there is still a hidden layer of pain.

Often those affected are reluctant to ask for help.

GIVIT is working with an organisation in Queensland’s Gulf to help ease some of that hidden pain by jointly helping rural households and local businesses.

Slow internet speeds in the area mean some families are unable to meet obligations for distance education and instead drive their children long distances to school.

These added fuel costs are stretching budgets.

We are requesting funds to purchase fuel vouchers from a local roadhouse to ensure ongoing, vital education for these kids.

Your donation will also help us buy groceries to be delivered with the mail run or a voucher from a local hardware shop, pharmacy, or store.

Every dollar we can spend locally helps energise these families and their community.

Please help by donating to GIVIT’s ‘Drought Relief’ appeal on our Donate Funds page.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Imagine if you could raise money for GIVIT by simply shopping online. Well… now you can!

One of our wonderful volunteers, Alison, recently launched Gifts4Good – an online shopping site which allows you to buy from more than 500 of Australia’s most-loved retailers while automatically raising funds for GIVIT.

When you use the Gifts4Good website to do your shopping it will automatically place a donation to GIVIT, meaning every purchase you make is helping someone else in need.

While volunteering at GIVIT, Alison developed this wonderful website as she wanted to make it easier for people to support their favourite cause.

“Gifts4Good is about shoppers being able to choose which causes they want to support. Many people have more than one favourite cause so I really wanted to create a tool which allows them to choose their preferred charity at the time of purchase,” Alison said.

“However GIVIT is set as the national default charity. This means when everyday Australians visit the website and start shopping, they are automatically raising vital funds for GIVIT.”

Alison was also motivated to develop a ‘Shop 4 Good Reminder’ app when her friends told her they had shopped online, but forgotten to use the Gifts4Good website.

She realised a reminder tool was an effective way to remind shoppers they could donate to their favourite charities.

“I knew it was important to be able to remind supporters about Gifts4Good at the exact moment they were ready to buy,” Alison said. “Now, I’ve created a Shop 4 Good Reminder pop-up to do this automatically which asks if they would like to make a donation at no extra cost.”

Once you set up the Shop 4 Good Reminder, the app works with your internet browser to identify Gifts4Good retailers when searching online – then alerts you to them.

We ask you to consider doing your shopping online, and while you’re at it using Gifts4Good to help raise funds for GIVIT and support our mission of connecting those who have, with those in need.

Head on over and start shopping! Please, help spread the word too!