At GIVIT we are really driven and motivated by each time a donation is connected – that moment when we match someone’s generosity with genuine need. In January we decided to harness this motivation and create a target… something to aim towards.

We thought it should be a big hairy audacious goal of matching 1,000,000 donations, and supporting (for free) 3000 charities by 2018.

We have had so many donations go through GIVIT’s website, but we also do so, so, so much behind the scenes to manage large corporate donations. For instance, 30 pallets of items were donated by Target this year and we’ve matched every single one.

Wonderfully, we have now facilitated 333,333 donations and have just hit the third way mark in our goal. We are one-third of the way to 1 million donations, and one-third of the way to our goal of changing 1 million lives of vulnerable, marginalised and impoverished Australians!

We also currently support 1280 charities!

To be a third of the way towards our goal is so wonderful. I believe Australians are most generous people in the world. Thank you to everyone who has ever given through GIVIT.

Also, I think as a team this is such a great accomplishment. Every person who volunteers and works at GIVIT is just so focused on achieving our goal – and we are ON OUR WAY!!!!!!! What a rewarding way to end another great year!!!!!

Juliette x


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