As a mum of two I have been busy preparing two kids for school, but I can only imagine how well teachers must prepare to start a new school year… especially as they prepare for 30 kids… and for life ahead!

One school in Cherbourg Queensland, go above and beyond and also teach their kids to cook. They are setting up a kitchen in the school to engage the students in food preparation and life skills. But unfortunately over summer, there was a fire in the classrooms and many items destroyed.

It moves me to swift action when I hear about a school affected by a fire, particularly when they are trying to get everything together for a smooth start to the year. The state school’s classroom was destroyed and claimed all the items the classroom teacher had for their students. They lost back to school supplies such as; school hats, whiteboard markers , school shoes, storage containers and more. Go to the website for the complete list – the items are IN RED! I have never seen red on the GIVIT website before… we really need your support!

If you have anything for their kitchen it would be incredible too, they need a toaster, kettle, cutlery, mixing bowls, shredder, a sandwich pressall the cooking items you can think of.

Find the full list on the website or donate cash and we’ll buy it as locally as possible – 100% of money received will be spent on the donation.

Thank you!

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