The Independent Distribution Committee established to distribute funds from GIVIT’s Gold Coast Appeal has made its final release of funds to the families of those who lost their lives in the tragedy at Dreamworld last year.

In total $590,041.94 has been received by the Appeal with the final release by the Independent Distribution Committee on behalf of the appeal made last week.

Committee chairwoman Catherine O’Sullivan said the funds have been released on the best available advice from frontline service providers to ensure the needs of those directly impacted by the tragedy have been met.

“We’ve been told repeatedly by donors to the appeal that they wanted to make sure the families who lost loved ones, particularly those with children left behind, should be the absolute priority when it came to distributing these funds,” Ms O’Sullivan said.

“That’s what we’ve done,” she said, “We’ve made sure every cent has gone to these families on behalf of those who donated in the hope that we can at least make sure their immediate and emergent needs have been taken care of.”

CEO and Founder of GIVIT, Juliette Wright, praised the speed and integrity of the independent committee.

“This locally-led committee has acted quickly to ensure the needs of the families have been met, including in the run up to Christmas, which is an incredibly difficult time after an incident such as this,” said Mrs Wright.

“The outpouring of generosity from the Australian public and from the business community of the Gold Coast in particular to this appeal has been absolutely heart-warming and shows what a trusted donation platform GIVIT is after disasters and emergencies.”

“I want to thank everyone on the committee, as well as everyone who donated funds to this appeal, for showing once again how Australians come together to help one-another after tragedy strikes.”

The GIVIT Gold Coast Appeal has now closed with all funds received distributed.


GIVIT was approached by the City of Gold Coast to be the platform for the appeal after an interagency meeting including Queensland Health and Red Cross.
Five people make up the Independent Distribution Committee:
• Catherine O’Sullivan, Pro Vice Chancellor at Bond University
• Brooke Denholder, Community Services at the City of Gold Coast
• Leisa Bourne, Director of Australian Red Cross in Queensland
• Rob Borbidge, Former Queensland Premier
• Greg Goebel, Chairman of the Board at GIVIT

Catherine O’Sullivan is the chair and sole spokesperson on behalf of the Independent Distribution Committee. The Committee has distributed 100% of the funds received by the GIVIT Gold Coast Appeal to the families of those who lost their lives in the tragedy at Dreamworld. The $590,041.94 received by the GIVIT Gold Coast Appeal and distributed by the Independent Distribution Committee includes donations via Red Cross of $167,500 from Ardent Leisure’s CEO and of $157,225 from Dreamworld’s reopening weekend. GIVIT has not charged any administration fee or other costs relating to funds received through its Gold Coast Appeal.

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