By Ash Moore
“A mature-aged mum, leaving a domestic violence situation and expecting twins, needs a double pram…as she has no vehicle to take her babies home from hospital.”
Sometimes a request comes through to GIVIT that hits you right where it hurts.
That request was something that particularly affected me last week because I’m expecting a son myself in little over three months.
I can’t imagine what it would be like for my wife to have to do it all by herself – without me and then with twins to boot!
At GIVIT, we want every request to be filled. Of course we do.
But when you see a request like that, you want to make extra sure it happens.

The gofundme page set up by a GIVIT Facebook follower to make sure a mature mum-to-be gets a brand new pram

As GIVIT’s Media Advisor, it’s part of my job to post on social media.
This request sent to me by our new volunteer, Michael, hit straight to the hearts of our Facebook followers.
It was shared more than 80 times and drew a dozen comments, as people tagged their friends and tried to help.
People felt that no mother should have to do it so tough and the least they could do is get her a pram.
A day later, one of our Facebook followers had set up a gofundme page because she’s decided that this mum-to-be deserves a brand new pram and some other items too.
Gabrielle’s also going to do bake sales and fundraise through her church.
You may not have realised this, but you can buy items brand new through GIVIT at no charge.
All you have to do is click “GIVIT” fill out the usual donor form online and let the charity user behind the request know that you will be buying it brand new.
You can make all the arrangements between the two of you or ask GIVIT for some advice if you need to.
When our charity users give the people they’re helping brand new items from our donors, we often hear that those people in need burst into tears.
“I can’t believe someone thought enough of me to get me something brand new,” they say, “What did I do to deserve this?”
You didn’t have to do anything. You deserve good things too. Together, we will make sure you get them.

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