Happy New Year! I hope you also enter 2018 with a sense of excitement and optimism for all that lies ahead.
I am so proud of what we achieved at GIVIT in 2017 with the help of our generous supporters and my wonderful team of staff and volunteers.
GIVIT’s first project for the year – our Back to School campaign – is close to my heart as a mum of two kids returning to school this month.
One in six Australian children will walk through the school gates already behind their classmates because they lack the basic education tools of textbooks, stationery or a uniform. It is heartbreaking to hear some kids quit school simply because they don’t have a uniform.
GIVIT’s vision is to match generosity with genuine need and so we are asking our dedicated followers to open their hearts so underprivileged children can enter school with dignity and confidence.

All children should have an equal start and a GIVIT back to school pack can help make that a reality

I believe education is the key for a child to break free of the destructive cycle of poverty. Deprived children fall behind their cohorts academically and this leads to hardships later in life. Starting school without a full school uniform, properly fitting shoes, a bag, textbooks, pens and pencils sets children apart from the classmates. Kids without the basic just don’t feel they fit in. As adults we want to stand out, but kids just want to blend in.
A child who steps out on the first day of school knowing they are fully prepared begins the year with confidence.
There are many reasons why children go to school without the basics. It can be unemployment, illness, mental health issues, domestic violence. Sadly the December-January period is not so “festive’’ for many Australians. Police report a surge in domestic violence and this can lead to the separation of families. Children find themselves living in another suburb, town or state, starting the new year at an unfamiliar school while their carer faces the often impossible task of providing a complete change of uniform.
One of the more heartbreaking requests on givit.org.au is for a young girl about to enter high school. The girl and her mother are living in a shelter after fleeing serious domestic violence. The diligent student attended the same school for her primary school years and is keen to stay within her supportive group of friends. Her church-based school has agreed to waive the fees for the first year but the girl needs a full school uniform.
There are children on our website who require a donation of $150 so we can buy items on their book list for them. This is now the average cost of a state school stationery pack.
Please go to givit.org.au and find a request from a child in need and offer what you can to help change a young person’s life.
Or alternatively you can donate funds that will go directly towards the purchase of needed school supplies;
$50 Back to School Pack 1
Funds go towards purchasing stationery items, school hats, water bottles and bags.
$100 Back to School Pack 2
Funds go towards purchasing school books and equipment OR towards school uniforms.
$150 Back to School Pack 3
Funds go towards purchasing a complete stationery book and equipment list.
$250 Back to School Pack 4
Funds go towards purchasing school uniforms and school shoes.

I promise you that 100% of all money donated will go directly to a child in need.
With your help we can make a difference to Aussie kids who are struggling and living below the poverty line.

Donate funds
See what’s needed
Offer your pre-loved items

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